Understanding the Legality of Sports Betting Singapore

Until the year 2014, Singapore did not have any regulation or legislation governing online gambling in the country. Nevertheless, it was in the same year when the lawmakers came up with the idea of stamping out the gambling addiction among people by introducing a complete ban on different types of online betting and gambling. Suddenly, things changed in Singapore with online gambling declared illegal in the country.

Nevertheless, there are some online casino Singapore that have the permission to offer online betting solutions. There are even some international sites for Sports Betting Singapore that are absolutely legal and players can have the best sports betting experience on these sites.


Fortunately, though there are several international bookmakers accepting the Singaporean users, what’s even better is that these international sportsbooks are generally licensed and duly regulated by some of the most dependable regulators in the world. So, there’s nothing that the punters need to worry about.

The international bookmakers are actually taking a huge risk by allowing the Singaporean players but the whole responsibility lies upon them. So, for the beginners who are just starting out with online betting in Singapore, it would be a great idea to start with sports betting because it is sports that draws in the largest number of punters to the Singaporean online casinos.